Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ironing Made Easy

Today I thought I would share what works for me to make ironing easier. I used to use spray starch to make it easier to iron our clothes and bedding but was concerned about the chemicals and the cost of using these products. I remembered that ladies used to iron their things damp so I tried a sprinkling bottle meant for this purpose. It just made big wet splotches on everything and didn't really help so I tried a spray bottle set on mist to just dampen the things evenly. It works very well. Wrinkles come right out even stubborn ones and it is so easy and free! For more Works for me Wednesday ideas please visit Rocks in my Dryer .


Family O'Foxes said...

perfect timing for this post....I need to iron hubby's clothes today (I hate that job).

Thanks for visiting my blog.

carrie said...

Good idea, Liisa. I avoid ironing, so I'm all for making it easier!

Thanks for commenting on my blog today.

Anonymous said...

Damp ironing is fast becoming a lost skill. The old-fashioned way is to sprinkle the clothes in layers (blotches don't matter) and then roll them up tightly with edges enclosed. Put the rolls in a clean plastic bag for a few hours. If left overnight, they can go in the fridge. If I can't get to the ironing, I put the bag in my freezer. With experience you learn just how damp to make them. Real linen and starched household 'linens', such as doilies, just cannot be ironed smooth while dry. They put up a fight! I have a laundry sprinkler but I prefer to just dip my fingers in a bowl of scented water to sprinkle the clothes. Once they are evenly damp they are a breeze to iron.

Liisa said...

This has saved me so much time and effort. Thank you for your comments they are most appreciated!


Patty said...

For my husbands shirts and other light cotton fabrics, I just iron them damp from the washer. Nice and easy to iron, look good but without that stiffness that comes with a spray startch

Stephen said...

It is easy to make up your own starch spray that is entirely chemical-free; a tablespoon of corn starch in a pint of water. Just use it in a spray bottle like you're using for your water. Starched cotton and linen is so easy to iron compared to unstarched.

Starch is very healthy. It is kind to sensitive skin, and draws away the dirt and debris that normally damage natural fibres. This then washes out with the starch at subsequent laundering.

I love ironing and can't get enough of it.

Liisa said...

Patty - I thought I left a comment but it isn't here...hmmm....Ironing right from the washer is a great idea for light fabrics as you suggest - I will have to try that!

Stephen- Thank you for the helpful hint for startch. I hadn't realized it was that easy or that it would draw away dirt and debris!
Thank you for sharing!