Monday, August 20, 2018

I Love Long Walks on the Beach

Hmmm....sounds like a cheesy dating profile doesn't it! hahahahaha!
Seriously though my super romantic hubby took me for ice cream and a walk along the boardwalk at the beach to enjoy the sunset last weekend for our 31st "dating anniversary." We started dating when I was 15 and he was 17 so being teenagers we always celebrated our dating anniversary and we just kept going. ~smile~  I don't mean we do anything big and no gifts or anything but we acknowledge it and celebrate a little bit. I think it is important especially in this day of divorce and quick relationships to celebrate milestones and who doesn't love an extra excuse for a romantic evening out. *wink*
So take an opportunity to sneak away with your hubby and enjoy a nice time alone to celebrate your relationship.

P.S. This is a Lake Huron Sunset - so pretty!

Menu Planning

I am getting started on menu planning for fall. This summer has been so super busy and we have been away so much, that added to my hubby's deep love for barbecuing and flying by the seat of his pants menu wise means that I have not had a menu plan since June! Yikes!
I love to have a menu plan. It makes me feel like I am in control of my day, I know what to buy on grocery day, I can save money and I never have to wonder what I am going to throw together at the end of the day. I thrive on lists and plans and order and feel all askew and unsettled when there is no plan not just with menus but in general so I am really looking forward to the settled pace and routine of fall as much fun as we have had all summer.

So what I am doing to start is spending the time to go through all my recipes and writing a list of meal ideas and where to find them so when I get down to actually planning the monthly menus I have a list of ideas and I can write where the recipe is right on the plan for each day. I have done this before and it saves so much time when you go to prepare your meal. Instead of just reading Katie's Taco Casserole on Monday I can know that it is in the Fix it Fast Gooseberry Patch cookbook on page 84. Also doing this gives us so much variety and prevents me from getting into a rut. I can use this list for all my future menu plans and won't have to go through cookbooks, recipe cards etc. every time I menu plan.

Just a little glimpse into what I am planning. ~smile~
Happy Monday!

P.S. As you may be able to tell from the picture I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. They are so cute I love all the little tidbits and drawings on each page and the recipes are really good. ~smile~

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Gifting Veggies

I had an abundance of cherry tomatoes and I planned to share them with a couple of neighbour ladies. I had them just in zipper baggies when I came across an idea in an old issue of Country Woman. The idea is to make paper cones to hang on doors. It kind of reminded me of May Day baskets.
Here are a couple of pictures of the ones I made.....

They are simply pretty card stock rolled into a cone shape. I stapled them together and added some tape to secure the edge all the way down. Next I punched a hole on either side of each cone and threaded through ribbons and tied knots to anchor. Inside I added a cone of wax paper (that I didn't staple or anything) just to keep any moisture away from the card stock. I filled them with alot more cherry tomatoes than you would think they would hold and headed out to deliver my gifts.
It was pretty early so I was able to just hang them on their doors to surprise them whenever they came out. ~smile~
I saw one of the ladies at church today and she said she was so thrilled to find it hanging on her door and wondered where I bought the container! hee hee! She was surprised that I made it!
It was a just a way to make a simple gift a little more special so I thought I would share it on here.

As a side note you can never go wrong picking up Country Woman magazines at second hand stores and yard sales. The information is always good and I grab all the ones I come across and save them to read at the time they would have come out. For example the one I found this idea in is from August/September last year and I kept it to read now though I bought it several months ago and I have spring ones I am saving to read in the spring etc.

Happy Sunday!

Fast Fix for Under $4

This cute little bird cage planter was a gift I received a couple of years ago. It had ivy and several other plants in it and was really cute. I also received the bird as another gift and added it in. The only problem with it was that I have a black thumb not a green one and I bring death to plants everywhere! I tried over the years to pull out the plants that died and add in new ones but finally it got to the point that all that I could keep alive was a couple of wee little ivy plants. Yep it was pretty sad looking and it bothered me every time I looked at it. However it is such a cute planter and I love how it looks on the counter.

Enter the Fast Fix for Under $4! It occurred to me at last that I do much better with fake plants so off I went to the dollar store. I purchased some floral foam, a bag of moss and a stem of leaves. It took me less than 30 minutes to change something that had been bothering me for years into something that makes me smile.
So much better! ( It looks more like realistic plant in real life. ~smile~) I am so happy and it is a relief to be done with the struggle, I can just enjoy how cute it is and stop killing plants!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day in My Life

Today I thought I would share a day in my life - this day was actually a week or so ago. I meant to post this sooner but life has been crazy. Anyway....

The day started off a little crazy!
I got up at 5:05 a.m. as I do every weekday morning. Yeah it is weird that it is 5 minutes after 5 but hey it works!I got ready for the day and returned to our room to say good morning to my hubby and give him a morning kiss ~smile~

Then things took an icky turn when I found cat vomit right at the bottom of the stairs! Eeeeeewwwwww! Praise God I didn't step in it. After cleaning that up I got on with the morning routine, making breakfast and lunches for my men.

It ended up being a quick breakfast this morning of cereal and toasted cheese sandwich. I do make a big breakfast many mornings but once in a while a quicker breakfast is a blessing and today it was. Not a smooth start in the kitchen as our Keurig died *sigh* I loved that thing. So I had to quickly grab the big coffee maker out of my son's apartment (which is attached to our house ) and get some coffee on.

Then it was time to make lunches. I try and do this job in the evening but some days that doesn't happen though mornings go so much smoother when I do. We just had time to give our cat Timothy his insulin shot before the men were out the door at 6. Whew!

We have a timed electric meter and certain times are cheaper than others to use electricity so I try and get a load of laundry washed before 7 on days we have enough to wash then in winter I wait until after noon or even better after 7 p.m. to dry it as the rates get cheaper in off peak hours. It was going to be sunny and 14 degrees above zero - unheard of for February so I hung out the laundry to dry. Yay! I just LOVE hanging out the laundry it's peaceful and I feel so happy when I look at all our things neatly hanging on the line. It smells so wonderful when you bring it in. I left it out until my hubby came home as it makes him happy too to see it on the line. ~smile~

I made some "Love Brownies" which are deep dish chocolate brownies for a housewarming gift for friends who just moved into their new home.

Next quiet time with my favorite little furry Bible study companion. I use a Beside Still Waters daily devotional and my KJV Bible. The devotional is Mennonite and I receive a new one in the mail every two months. I also receive quite a few sermons on CD from them and have some of their music CD's too.

That done I needed to make a card for the housewarming gift.

Ok that's all ready to go so I peeled potatoes for dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I need to be careful how much I do and be sure to respect my limitations or I will end up in too much pain so I try and space things out a little and not have to do all the dinner prep at once.

This is one of my favorite kinds of days as I get to go up to the Amish Bulk Store with my Mum.  It's a bout a half hour north of here. I need some yeast and other baking things. It is just such a nice drive and a peaceful area.

Then I dropped off the housewarming gift and got a quick tour of the new house - so lovely! They live in a largely Amish community and they have a big farmhouse - I would trade them in a minute! *wink*

Next is shopping at a really nice thrift store, and my Mum and I grabbed lunch out before heading back home.

Back at the house I finish up dinner preparations and then my hubby is back from work.

After dinner it was just the usual routine of dishes and cleaning the kitchen. When I am done I always light a candle and turn on a little lamp on my counter. My kitchen is open to the living and dining rooms so it makes it look cozy.

And then a quick shower, relaxing with hubby before it's off to bed and the end of another wonderful day. ~smile~


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Singing Like Edith Bunker

I sing like Edith Bunker. There is a phrase " can't carry a tune in a bucket" That is me all the way. ~smile~
I used to be too embarrassed to really sing in church especially as my hubby can;t help but hear me when I am right beside him. Then I thought about the reason we sing in church at all - it's not for my hubby or those in the pews around me. It is for my Heavenly Father. It is singing praises and prayers to Him - not to anyone else.
He created me - He knows what my voice sounds like. I may be in the "joyful noise" category but it is joyful and full of love for Jesus. I know it pleases Him, so I stopped worrying about others hearing me and I am so blessed by worship times now as I put my hear into those songs and focus on the One who I a singing to and not everyone else.
I also realized that everyone is doing the same thing! They are focused on God and worshiping Him not on me and what I sound like.
So sing out all the Edith Bunkers of the world! Praise and worship God with all your heart!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Today I just thought I would talk about chicken. ~smile~  Yesterday my hubby barbecued a whole chicken. He is so sweet and put the chicken on in the morning and it was done when we got home from church so we had the afternoon free to spend together. ~big smile!~
 He LOVES to BBQ and it is so much easier for him to do it as there is no big roast pan to wash after etc. Our chickens are 10-12 lbs. each and a friend of ours raises them. I love getting chickens from him as the flavor is amazing, they are always juicy and we know what they eat. They are also drug free and as an added bonus for me and even more so for the chickens is that they have happy chicken lives. They are allowed outside and there are no cages or over crowding involved.
Yay for happy, healthy chickens!
We usually eat the chicken for dinner then I package up the rest of it (as in the picture above). After dinner I take all the meat off the bones and cut it up in little pieces which I divide up into sandwich bags. Then I put all the baggies in a big freezer bag and freeze it for later use. I portion the meat out to be enough for fried rice, casseroles, pot pies, pizzas, curries etc. One chicken can yield about 12 dinners including the first meal since I usually use less meat than recipes call for to stretch meat a bit further and save money. I just added more veggies etc to fill it out. If a recipe does need more meat I just use two baggies.

Just a little food prep to save time later - it is so great to be able to just pull out ready cooked chicken whenever you need it.

Happy Monday!