Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day in My Life

Today I thought I would share a day in my life - this day was actually a week or so ago. I meant to post this sooner but life has been crazy. Anyway....

The day started off a little crazy!
I got up at 5:05 a.m. as I do every weekday morning. Yeah it is weird that it is 5 minutes after 5 but hey it works!I got ready for the day and returned to our room to say good morning to my hubby and give him a morning kiss ~smile~

Then things took an icky turn when I found cat vomit right at the bottom of the stairs! Eeeeeewwwwww! Praise God I didn't step in it. After cleaning that up I got on with the morning routine, making breakfast and lunches for my men.

It ended up being a quick breakfast this morning of cereal and toasted cheese sandwich. I do make a big breakfast many mornings but once in a while a quicker breakfast is a blessing and today it was. Not a smooth start in the kitchen as our Keurig died *sigh* I loved that thing. So I had to quickly grab the big coffee maker out of my son's apartment (which is attached to our house ) and get some coffee on.

Then it was time to make lunches. I try and do this job in the evening but some days that doesn't happen though mornings go so much smoother when I do. We just had time to give our cat Timothy his insulin shot before the men were out the door at 6. Whew!

We have a timed electric meter and certain times are cheaper than others to use electricity so I try and get a load of laundry washed before 7 on days we have enough to wash then in winter I wait until after noon or even better after 7 p.m. to dry it as the rates get cheaper in off peak hours. It was going to be sunny and 14 degrees above zero - unheard of for February so I hung out the laundry to dry. Yay! I just LOVE hanging out the laundry it's peaceful and I feel so happy when I look at all our things neatly hanging on the line. It smells so wonderful when you bring it in. I left it out until my hubby came home as it makes him happy too to see it on the line. ~smile~

I made some "Love Brownies" which are deep dish chocolate brownies for a housewarming gift for friends who just moved into their new home.

Next quiet time with my favorite little furry Bible study companion. I use a Beside Still Waters daily devotional and my KJV Bible. The devotional is Mennonite and I receive a new one in the mail every two months. I also receive quite a few sermons on CD from them and have some of their music CD's too.

That done I needed to make a card for the housewarming gift.

Ok that's all ready to go so I peeled potatoes for dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I need to be careful how much I do and be sure to respect my limitations or I will end up in too much pain so I try and space things out a little and not have to do all the dinner prep at once.

This is one of my favorite kinds of days as I get to go up to the Amish Bulk Store with my Mum.  It's a bout a half hour north of here. I need some yeast and other baking things. It is just such a nice drive and a peaceful area.

Then I dropped off the housewarming gift and got a quick tour of the new house - so lovely! They live in a largely Amish community and they have a big farmhouse - I would trade them in a minute! *wink*

Next is shopping at a really nice thrift store, and my Mum and I grabbed lunch out before heading back home.

Back at the house I finish up dinner preparations and then my hubby is back from work.

After dinner it was just the usual routine of dishes and cleaning the kitchen. When I am done I always light a candle and turn on a little lamp on my counter. My kitchen is open to the living and dining rooms so it makes it look cozy.

And then a quick shower, relaxing with hubby before it's off to bed and the end of another wonderful day. ~smile~


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Singing Like Edith Bunker

I sing like Edith Bunker. There is a phrase " can't carry a tune in a bucket" That is me all the way. ~smile~
I used to be too embarrassed to really sing in church especially as my hubby can;t help but hear me when I am right beside him. Then I thought about the reason we sing in church at all - it's not for my hubby or those in the pews around me. It is for my Heavenly Father. It is singing praises and prayers to Him - not to anyone else.
He created me - He knows what my voice sounds like. I may be in the "joyful noise" category but it is joyful and full of love for Jesus. I know it pleases Him, so I stopped worrying about others hearing me and I am so blessed by worship times now as I put my hear into those songs and focus on the One who I a singing to and not everyone else.
I also realized that everyone is doing the same thing! They are focused on God and worshiping Him not on me and what I sound like.
So sing out all the Edith Bunkers of the world! Praise and worship God with all your heart!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Today I just thought I would talk about chicken. ~smile~  Yesterday my hubby barbecued a whole chicken. He is so sweet and put the chicken on in the morning and it was done when we got home from church so we had the afternoon free to spend together. ~big smile!~
 He LOVES to BBQ and it is so much easier for him to do it as there is no big roast pan to wash after etc. Our chickens are 10-12 lbs. each and a friend of ours raises them. I love getting chickens from him as the flavor is amazing, they are always juicy and we know what they eat. They are also drug free and as an added bonus for me and even more so for the chickens is that they have happy chicken lives. They are allowed outside and there are no cages or over crowding involved.
Yay for happy, healthy chickens!
We usually eat the chicken for dinner then I package up the rest of it (as in the picture above). After dinner I take all the meat off the bones and cut it up in little pieces which I divide up into sandwich bags. Then I put all the baggies in a big freezer bag and freeze it for later use. I portion the meat out to be enough for fried rice, casseroles, pot pies, pizzas, curries etc. One chicken can yield about 12 dinners including the first meal since I usually use less meat than recipes call for to stretch meat a bit further and save money. I just added more veggies etc to fill it out. If a recipe does need more meat I just use two baggies.

Just a little food prep to save time later - it is so great to be able to just pull out ready cooked chicken whenever you need it.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Church Work and Some Saturday Ramblings

I spent a large part of yesterday catching up on some work at the church. I am the librarian and I had two boxes, yes two boxes, BIG boxes, full of new books that were donated that I needed to look after. I hadn't been able to do it sooner because our church is in another town and the weather hasn't been great for driving (ok not that bad I mean we live in Canada so I should be used to it but I am a Big Wimp winter driving chicken.)  My hubby is sweet and had offered to take me but I knew it would take me several hours to do everything I had to and that it wouldn't be fair for him to come and wait for me.
I was able to get all the books looked after, old books culled to make way for the new ones, the "library spotlight book" review page made and set up with the book on the foyer table, a poster for the bulletin board to let everyone know that I will be setting out the culled books for 2 Sundays in March for everyone to help themselves before they are donated. I also printed the next 7 weeks of Bible study commentary for my ladies Bible study and do some much needed organizing and rearranging

This time the "spotlight" book is ...

What a relief to have that big job done! I have felt like it was hanging over me. It is always that way when I know I have something that really needs to get done. Now I just have to finish purging our home. ~smile~
We are hoping to sell our home this year and move into a smaller house. I remember when we moved in here. It is a big old house and I remember standing with my hubby upstairs the day we got the keys and saying how are we ever going to fill this big of a house. Now I am standing here 18 years later saying how are we ever going to downsize! *sigh* It is a sad time for me. I love this house. I moved alot all my life and this is the first house I ever felt at home in right away from the very first night. It is also the first house we ever owned and the one where we raised our son, watching him go from a little boy, 8 years old when we moved here, to the man he is today. So many memories! But my hubby says we take our memories with us they don't stay here. He is right but it is hard for me and yet exciting to see where God takes us next. I am looking forward to less housework that comes with a smaller home and less things. *wink*

Just some Saturday ramblings. And now I had best get busy, I need to make some cookies for church tonight, it is our annual meeting and we always have a dessert fellowship before the meeting. I also need to make my hubby some lunch and get some cleaning done. 

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 17, 2017

A Comfort Gift Basket

I have a wonderful friend who gave me a gift bag one time before I went for surgery. I was so blessed by her thoughtfulness I try and give a similar "comfort basket" to anyone who is faced with a hospital stay.

Inside my bag was...
Chap stick
Mints - very handy as you can't get up whenever you like to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.
Ferraro Rocher - Every thing is better when there is chocolate! ~smile~
Socks - My feet freeze after surgery so socks were very welcome. I put in some aloe infused or super fuzzy socks as an added comfort.
A beautiful devotional - Moments of Peace from Psalms
Body/Hand Lotion - so comforting.

I use a basket lined with a pretty cloth and also add a pen, a small notebook, and a puzzle book.

Just a little way to bless someone with a few things they may not have thought to bring with them for their stay.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hospital Packlist for After Surgery

I have had several surgeries the last few years so I thought I would share what I bring with me for the hospital stay, just some things I am so glad I have with me and a few things I wish had brought along.

First is a satin pillowcase. I have long hair (down to my hips) and it really helped my hair not to mat and knot up. It also made the hospital bed a wee bit nicer.

Next is my own modest nightgowns and house coat. I was so glad I had these because you have visitors, your room mate has visitors and you have to get up and walk the hallways in front of everyone.

Slippers that you can slide your feet into but that aren't going to cause you to trip. For most surgeries you are not going to be able to and or want to bend over to put them on. You really do need footwear.

Soap and 2in1 shampoo are third on my list. Hospital toiletries are not very nice so having your own is a real plus.

Other personal items I brought are - comb, brush, barrette, elastics to braid my hair (so much better when you are in bed all day ~smile~) antiperspirant, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, face moisturizer, body moisturizer, I put all these things in a toiletry bag so it was all contained and easy to take in the washroom with me. It also makes it easier to ask someone to pass it to you if you have a day or two when you cannot get out of bed. I did end up putting the brush, elastic, barrette and antiperspirant in the bed table to be able to freshen up easier.

Dry shampoo in case you are not allowed to shower right away. Dove makes a nice one. It is nice to know you won't have greasy hair if you can't wash it for a couple of days.

A bit of money concealed in a mint tin or somewhere. It is nice to have enough to top up your TV/ Internet or to ask someone to grab you a "real" coffee or tea from Timmies.

Another item I loved having was my cel. phone and charger. It was so nice to have my own phone to use so I could easily get and make calls. Just be sure to slip it in your robe pocket when you leave your room and remember to bring your charger home with you! The orderly told me that almost everyone forgets their charger so they have TONS in the lost and found. The bonus of others forgetting is that if you forgot to bring a charger to the hospital with you they can likely lend you one of the ones that have been left behind. *wink*

Books, puzzle books, devotionals etc. Your Bible of course though  I ended up using the Bible that was on my phone - it was easier to hold in bed but I missed the real thing.

Sermons on your phone or ipod are a real blessing. Some uplifting music too can really perk you up.

Tea bags! Hospital coffee is truly unpleasant but when they bring you tea they bring hot water with the bag on the side so it is nice to switch it up with your own teas.

Cornstarch. Oh how I wished I had some cornstarch the time before last. I got heat rash so badly on the back of my legs and arms. I had to lay on my back the whole time and plastic mattresses do NOT breathe. I asked for something but all they had was body powder and it was perfumed and just made it itch worse and burn. My last stay I was able to get a fan in the room and it really helped.

A notebook is very handy for writing down things you want to remember, things that occur to you, prayers, ideas etc. etc. Don't forget a few pens - I had a new pen that chose not to work so I was grateful for backups.

Note cards/ Thank you cards for helpful staff , room mates, special nurses etc. Also you can get a start on thank you cards for visits, gifts/ flowers etc. you receive in the hospital. I did not do that and the notebook was handy for me to keep track of notes I needed to write.

Whatever makes you comfortable! Blanket, afghan, pictures of your family etc. I always bring a picture of my hubby it helps a little bit with being away from him at night.

Other ideas travel size mouth wash, breath spray, mints, hard candies, - mouths are very dry for days after anesthetic, correspondence to catch up on, small projects you can do in bed.

I think that is about it. Now you don't want to show up with a travel trunk hee! hee! but it is so good to be prepared it will make your stay so much more pleasant. ~smile~

So just somethings I that I thought I would share in case someone might be facing a surgery or know someone who is.
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day my hubby and I are going to have a quiet evening at home together. He is so sweet and decided to get pizza for us for dinner so I won't have to cook. We are saving up for our trip to Tennessee and Kentucky this spring so we are trying not  to eat out much so it is an extra bonus that Valentine's Day is Tuesday this year because our local pizza place has a pizza special every Tuesday. ~smile~
He is so sweet and I am so blessed to have him for my husband.

Yesterday I had a Ladies Valentine's Tea here at home. I had 8 ladies here and we had a wonderful time. I totally forgot to take ANY pictures! *sigh*
It was a bit of a challenge getting ready for it. Yesterday morning the kitchen sink clogged up! I got out the plunger and was able to free it up and was thinking Yay! I fixed the sink which quickly turned into Oh No! I broke the sink when I spied water coming out from under my sink! YIKES! I opened it up and all the pipes were wet, the floor of the cupboard was covered in water. I quickly called my hubby at work and he said he had no idea what happened and told me to call our friend who is also our plumber. I did and left a message. I took everything out from under the sink dried it off put in a towel though there was no obvious leak and kept trying to clean the house, decorate make food and get ready for ladies to arrive. Our friend called me back and assured me that the water had likely just backed up out of the vent and as long as I didn't smell any sewer smell it was fine. If had of then we would need a new vent gasket but it is all ok. PHEW! God is good. With all that going on I just finished getting things ready and put the vacuum away as the first lady arrived.

We had chocolate cupcakes with pink icing, love brownies (deep dish chocolate chip brownies), iced sugar cookies, a box of chocolates, apples and veggies and dip. My friend brought some wonderful cherry tarts she made with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. So pretty and so yummy! Of course we also had a variety of teas and coffee.

We made a craft - this  LOVE banner.

It is made out of wired ribbon and the blocks and letters are felt. I cut a skewer to be the stick at the top and hung it with kitchen string. It is decorated with raffia and some pips. I found a whole ziploc bag of these wired ribbons at the second hand store a couple of months ago for 50 cents. I didn't know what I would do with them but I loved them and the price was right. ~smile~ They ended up being perfect for this craft.

It was just a good time of visiting together I am so blessed with so many sweet friends.

Now I'd best get ready for Bible Study. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I have a ladies Bible study here every Tuesday afternoon. There are just a few of us but it is a blessed time in God's Word. I use commentaries by Pastor David Guzik that I found years ago on We have been doing this for years. Right now we are nearing the end of Job. It has been a really good study as we have two ladies who have been having a really hard go of it lately and it has encouraged them to press on. Lots of great lessons for us all. Next we will be doing Matthew again as we have some new ladies who have not done it before and it has been many years since we did it last. Matthew is my favorite book so I am really looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday!