Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday- Saving Money on Lunches

It has been quite awhile since I participated in Works for me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer but I just have to share this!

When I was reading through the fliers a couple of weeks ago I noticed how much cheaper per pound whole hams were than deli sliced ham, the same is true for chickens, turkey, roast beef etc. It is certainly alot cheaper for us since we buy our meat directly from the farm. So it occurred to me to cook our own meats, slice them up and use them for lunch meat. It is much healthier, less expensive and easy. I just cook it, slice it, leave out enough for a few days and freeze the rest in small freezer bags (portioned for enough for a few days) then I can just pull out packages as we need them.

It works for me! For more ideas please visit Rocks in my Dryer.



Traci said...


Our stores will also slice the ham for you....I usually get 1/2 of it shaved and then freeze what is leftover for other stuff. You might try it....saves a lot of time.

Lori L. said...

After reading your post, I said to myself... duh, Lori!!! I spend a fortune on deli meats, and I can't believe I never thought of this myself!! Truly, thank you so so so much :)

Wanda said...

I do love that idea too.
I'm noticing I have more issues with any processed foods these days.

They make me sick.

Debbie said...

Great idea. And I love your header. Wonderful blog.

Liisa said...

Traci - we buy our meat directly from farms so that isn't an option but I don't mind doing it myself anyway. ~smile~

Lori - That is what I thought too when it first occured to me - I don't know why it hadn't sooner!
You are quite welcome!

Wanda- I know it is actually pretty scary what goes into our food that we don't even know about!

Thank you all for popping in and leaving a comment!


Liisa said...

Debbie - Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. My son made the header for me - I'll tell him you liked it!